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Hello, I'm Xochitl Roman-Canales...

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in the
treatment of children. I work closely with children and their parents
to ensure a feeling of safety and connection. I strive to create a
nonjudgmental space where children and their parents can feel safe

to express their authentic selves. In sessions, I will utilize play-
based and art-based techniques to support the therapeutic process

while acknowledging that every individual is unique. I support
clients with communication, self-expression, self-awareness,
managing feelings of anxiety, and growing their toolbox of coping

More About Me

I earned my Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles. I completed my practicum training at a therapeutic preschool in Los Angeles where I worked
closely with children and their parents to navigate a variety of diagnoses and challenges, such as anxiety, depression, autism, and trauma. I also held family play therapy sessions as well as social
skills groups. I then went on to work at community-based agencies providing support to children, adolescents, and their caregivers. My approach to therapy is integrative and collaborative. Along with
play- and art-based techniques, I also utilize a strengths-based approach, mind-body approach, CBT techniques, and mindfulness.

Get in Touch With Me

I'm available to speak and open to meeting you to help you in your Mental Health journey.


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