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Brain Mapping

Discover the true potential of your brain with our Brain Mapping service. Our cutting-edge technology and experienced team provide comprehensive analysis which helps identify specific areas of brain functioning. Get started on the path to better brain function today.

Brain Mapping Services

What happens during a brain mapping (qEEG)?

A brain map is generated by recording your brain’s electrical activity through tiny sensors at different parts of your brain. First, we will clean your forehead and ear lobes with alcohol to remove skin oils. A special cap with 19 sensors will be placed on your head along with two ear clips. These 19 points will be filled with a gel. The cap is connected to the EEG equipment through a set of wires and your brain waves will be visible on the technician’s computer screen. We will record your brain waves with your eyes closed for approximately 5 minutes. We will ask you to sit and relax, and limit your movement in the chair, avoid excessive swallowing, and minimize muscle tension as much as possible. It often helps to pretend like you are on the beach or getting a massage.

Later, the results are analyzed to create a multi-color brain map which will be reviewed by Dr. Wagner. These results are then reviewed with you in person during a subsequent appointment.


How should I prepare for the test?

For the days preceding your scheduled test, you should keep in mind the preparations listed below:

  • Do not take anxiety medications 24 hours before your test (e.g., Bupropion, Xanax, Gabapentin, Trazadone, etc.)

  • Do not take prescription strength pain medications 24 hours before your test (e.g., Hydrocodone, Vicodin, Morphine, etc.)

  • Do not use recreational drugs for 2 days before your test (marijuana including THC and CBD, amphetamines, cocaine, etc.)

  • Do not take ADHD medications on the day of your test (e.g., Adderall, Vyvanse, Concerta, Ritalin, etc.)

  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages for 2 days before the test

  • Do not drink caffeinated beverages the day of the test

  • Make sure your hair and scalp are clean and completely dry prior to the exam

  • Avoid “purple” shampoo and do not use conditioner

  • Do not apply hair products (e.g., hair spray, gel, mousse)

  • Remove all hair accessories (e.g., extensions, hair pieces, bobby pins, hair ties, earrings, etc.)

  • Do not work out or jog immediately before the test (light activity is okay)

  • Do not stay up late the night before the test

I am feeling sick - should I cancel?

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, please call the office to reschedule your appointment. We would like to ensure that the results are as accurate as possible, and the following have the possibility of altering the results:

  • Sickness, fever, coughing spells, nasal issues, eye infections, ear infections, etc.

  • Taking newly prescribed medications or over the counter medications that you have not yet discussed with Dr. Wagner.

  • Unusual disruption of your usual sleep pattern (loss of sleep)

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