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Taking an Exam


Struggling in school or work can be challenging, but accommodations can help. At Lifespan, we provide Accommodations Testing to help individuals reach their full potential. Our comprehensive evaluations are tailored to each individual’s needs, ensuring that they receive the best possible support.



Standardized Testing

We provide accommodations for the LSAT, MCAT, SAT, BAR Exam, and other standardized tests. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with each individual to ensure they are provided with the resources, support, and recommendations they need to perform successfully on their exams.



We provide tailored evaluations to help identify specific areas of support for individuals in academic settings for all ages including, but not limited to: preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, college, and advanced academic settings (e.g., MCAT, LSAT, BAR, SAT, GRE, GMAT).



Workplace accommodations are common. If you feel as if you are not able to perform to your true potential at work, our trained staff of licensed psychologists can help provide you with the recommendations, modifications, or accommodations for you to succeed in the workplace. 

You may have noticed you experience difficulty studying for assignments in school. Or maybe some trouble completing practice exams for standardized tests (like SAT, LSAT). Maybe you observe your child struggling in classes or particular subjects. If you or your child are experiencing issues similar to these regardless of the time or effort being placed to succeed, you may benefit from certain accommodations.

Accommodations can include additional time, alteration to an environment, additional curriculum format, or access to equipment that allows an individual to complete tasks. They also allow those who are differently abled to pursue a regular course of study for them. Accommodations can help level the playing field.

At Lifespan, we specialize in assessing for and identifying specific accommodations for various standardized tests, academic institutions/disability departments, and general workplace settings. Whether you are having difficulty in school, at work, or for a standardized test, we can help. We also assess for the presence of specific learning disorders (e.g., dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, etc.) as well as relative difficulties in particular subjects and provide recommendations for accommodations as necessary.


We make sure to address relevant needs and provide proper documentation for universities, schools, disabilities departments, standardized testing, or employers. While accommodations are traditionally thought of as aiding issues like specific learning disorders or attention deficit disorders, they can also be provided as relevant, appropriate, and needed for other mental health issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, etc.


Examples of standardized testing accommodations include:

  • SAT

  • GRE

  • LSAT

  • BAR Exam

  • MCAT


Examples of other accommodations include:

  • 504 Plans

  • IEP

  • Aid in classes in college and university

  • Extended testing times

  • Modified academic work (e.g., extended time for homework, solely multiple choice or written exams, etc.)

  • Planned and periodic breaks

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