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Hello, I'm Edmon Artinyan...

I am one of the co-founders of Lifespan. I am a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in psychological evaluations for attention, learning, and memory problems in adults. I have particular expertise in treating insomnia and identifying psycho-medical issues that interfere with daily functioning. I also specialize in pre-surgical evaluations for bariatric, spinal cord stimulation, and various other surgeries. I have worked with individuals with a wide range of emotional and interpersonal issues including depression, anxiety, panic, and relationship distress. I have many years of experience providing achievement, psychodiagnostic, and neuropsychological testing to adults.

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More About Me

I received my doctorate in clinical health psychology from Loma Linda University and completed my residency at the Northern California VA Healthcare System. I have worked in various settings including private hospitals and clinics, VA clinics, and Kaiser Permanente in primary care. I utilize cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and mindfulness modalities to help guide my treatments.

As my philosophy of care, I believe that clients are the experts of their lives, and I - as the expert of the science - work collaboratively with each individual to establish and reach their desired goals.

Having practiced in a variety of clinical settings, I possess an in-depth knowledge of principles, methods, and procedures for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

Get in Touch With Me

I'm available to speak and open to meeting you to help you in your Mental Health journey.


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