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Pre-Surgical Evaluations

At Lifespan, we understand the importance of mental health evaluations before surgery. Our Pre-Surgical Evaluations are designed to ensure that your mental health and wellness are taken into consideration before any surgical procedure. Our team of experts works closely with you to identify any potential risks and develop a plan to address them, so you can approach your surgery with a clear mind and confident spirit.

Our tailored pre-surgical evaluations ensure your prerequisites are met with comfort and precision. We offer comprehensive evaluations and communicate with your medical team regarding recommendations for treatment. You will receive a comprehensive report that we work with you to create that outlines your specific needs and practices for best health outcomes. Our pre-surgical evaluations include various bariatric procedures, reconstructive surgeries, spinal cord stimulation, and more.

The pre-surgical assessment typically begins with a referral from your surgical team. You and one of our clinicians will meet for an initial intake to discuss your surgical goals as well as medical and psychological history as it pertains to your physical health. You may also be asked to complete brief assessments pertaining to your particular medical goals. Your clinician will collect all the data and information and write up a comprehensive report that interprets and details your results while also providing any appropriate recommendations aimed at positive pre- and post-surgical outcomes. Finally, with your permission, your clinician will communicate with your surgical team any recommendations and results as they apply – your surgical team may also request, and with your permission, receive a copy of your comprehensive report.

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