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Hello, I'm Beatrix Wagner...

Beatrix Wagner, Psy.D. is a highly experienced psychologist and co-owner of Lifespan. With a specialization in working with adolescents and adults, Dr. Wagner has dedicated her career to helping individuals overcome neuropsychological challenges including executive functioning, memory impairment and head injuries. Her expertise extends to various areas, including neuropsychological evaluations, neurofeedback, qEEG brain mapping, and concussion evaluations and rehabilitation.

A key aspect of Dr. Wagner's practice is conducting neuropsychological evaluations for clients seeking an accurate diagnosis or understanding of their cognitive abilities. These evaluations involve a thorough assessment of an individual's cognitive strengths and weaknesses through standardized tests.

The information gathered from these evaluations provides valuable insights into areas such as attention span, memory retention capacity, problem-solving skills, language abilities, emotional functioning, and executive functions like decision-making or planning abilities.

Furthermore, Dr. Wagner specializes in assisting individuals who have suffered head injuries. She employs comprehensive assessments to identify cognitive impairments resulting from trauma or injury. By developing targeted intervention plans based on these assessments, she helps patients restore cognitive function as much as possible.

Dr. Wagner is well-versed in using neurofeedback as a therapeutic approach to help individuals regulate their brain activity. This non-invasive technique involves measuring brain waves and providing real-time feedback to help clients learn how to self-regulate their brain functioning.

In addition, Dr. Wagner's expertise extends to qEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram) brain mapping, a diagnostic tool that allows for the assessment of electrical activity patterns in the brain. By analyzing these patterns, she can gain valuable insights into an individual's neurological functioning and develop targeted treatment plans accordingly.

Moreover, Dr. Wagner specializes in pre-season baseline evaluations for athletes as well as post-concussion evaluations and rehabilitation, providing comprehensive care for individuals recovering from concussions or traumatic brain injuries. She employs evidence-based interventions aimed at reducing symptoms and improving cognitive functioning during the recovery process.

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More About Me

With her focus on working with adolescents and adults, along with her specialization in neuropsychological evaluations, neurofeedback therapy, qEEG brain mapping, and concussion evaluations and rehabilitation, Beatrix Wagner, Psy.D., brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her work as a psychologist at Lifespan.

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